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Translation Graduation Ceremony 2023

The School of Continuing Education celebrated the graduates of the Translation Diploma on Thursday, January 12, 2023. The students received their graduation certificates from James Ketterer, dean of the School of Continuing Education, and Alia Shoeib, associate dean of the School of Continuing Education. Congratulations Graduates!

Social Impact with Kavya Krishna the Why and the How

Kavya Krishna, Co-founder and CEO of the Society of Women Coders, and James Ketterer, Dean of the School of Continuing Education, discuss the Social Entrepreneurship of Women Coders.

The 27th Annual NileTESOL Conference Opening Ceremony

The School of Continuing Education (SCE) held the 27th annual NileTESOL Conference face-to-face at our beautiful New Cairo campus of AUC. Over 4,500 teachers internationally and across Egyptian governorates participated in the conference on January 23-24, 2023, under the theme New Era in Teaching and Learning: Challenges and Opportunities.

Access Microscholarship Program Launch Ceremony - February 8, 2022

Congratulations to a new cohort of 160 Egyptian students from Cairo, Aswan, Tanta, and Port Said who were selected for the US Embassy Cairo-sponsored English language Access Microscholarship Program 2021-2023 in partnership with the School of Continuing Education. 

24th Annual NileTESOL AUC Conference

SCE Hosted the 24th Annual NileTESOL Conference on 21 & 22 January, 2020

SCE Community Conversations 2022 - Aseel ElBaba - Money Mindset How our thoughts impact our wealth

  An online lecture with Ms. Aseel ElBaba, about "Money Mindset: How our thoughts impact Our Wealth"

SCE News

a man wearing suit

A Passion and a Duty: Serving Humanity Through Robotics

For Maki Habib, professor of mechanical engineering, taking part in the growth and development of mechatronics and robotics isn’t just a passion but a duty. 

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Student Leadership Program2

SCE Partners with Dean of Students, Empowering AUC Students with Leadership Skills

In partnership with the Office of the Dean of Students, School of Continuing Education (SCE) empowers The American University of Cairo (AUC) students with leadership training that enables them to pursue positions of influence in student organizations and office-led programs. The dean of students sends an announcement to all eligible students prior to the beginning of each regular academic semester. Graduates of this program continue to serve as mentors to the new leadership cohorts, sharing their on-the-ground experience.

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The Vocational Potential

The Vocational Potential

We have faith that these programs will change our culture as Egyptians so that we don’t only look at university degree graduates, while technical caliber, regardless of their capabilities to perform well, are not regarded appropriately,” acknowledged President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

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Sohag Camp

SCE School Partnerships Advance Student English Language Skills Across Egypt

Parents that paid little attention in their English class are likely now all too aware of its value. Politics aside, proficiency of the English language has become one of the most essential employability skills. Certainly, there are many that succeed professionally without English skills.

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Ahlan (More) Arabic to SCE

School of Continuing Education (SCE) is perhaps most known for its English language offerings, despite numerous comparatively hidden gems of diverse specialities. Even within the same languages domain, SCE’s Arabic may be less known, in spite of its strong relevance and importance. Indeed, SCE’s offerings that enhance Arabic language skills are growing!

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Camp in Sohag

English for Teachers and Young Learners Camp in Sohag

The School of Continuing Education celebrated a few months ago a batch of 54 young English learners in Sohag from Orman Smart School, who completed a nine-hour online camp as part of delivering its English programs in governorates during the pandemic. The parents of the attended students received positive feedback.  

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AUC Spinoff Suitera Receives $230K Investments in Early Stages

At the March 8 launch event of Suitera, AUC’s latest spinoff, the company received a $100 thousand investment from Walden Rhines, a leading figure in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) space. Rhines was CEO of Mentor Graphics, one of the big three players in the EDA space, for 24 years and assumed key roles in the industry throughout his career. Mentor Graphics market value has increased tenfold during his time as CEO.

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amira eldeeb

Amira El-Deeb Receives Multiple Awards for Women's Empowerment

Amira El-Deeb, assistant director of the Career Development Department at AUC's School of Continuing Education, has long been recognized for her role in empowering and leading other women at AUC and around Egypt. This past year, she received the Stevie Award for Women in Business (education category) and was recognized as a Champion of Change by the Women in International Education.

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Q&A on AUC's Ethics HelpLine

The AUC Ethics HelpLine encourages the AUC community to report any acts of misconduct or violations of the University's policies on its premises. It guarantees confidential reporting and documentation of complaints, as well as the timeliness and completeness of the administration’s response. News@AUC spoke to Wessam Abozeid, senior director of compliance in the Office of General Counsel and Compliance. What is the benefit of an Ethics HelpLine?

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NileTESOL: 25 Years of Enhancing English Language Instruction in Egypt

English language teachers celebrated a quarter century of professional development at the 2021 NileTESOL conference. Under the theme digitize globalize, the virtual event brought together over 3,000 professionals from across Egypt and the globe.

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The 25th NileTESOL Annual Virtual Conference

SCE has proudly hosted The 25th NileTESOL Annual Virtual Conference in partnership with the British Council and RELO on fifth and sixth  February 2021. Under the theme” Digitize Globalize: Celebrating 25 Years of Language Learning and Teaching." a theme reflects our current global reality and needs. In fact, this year, NileTESOL was able to meet the challenges of this new reality by “going digital” starting to connect locally and globally with TESOLers via cyberspace.

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Bilingual Talent Around the World Learn to Translate at SCE

If you’ve ever been part of an English instruction university in a nonnative country, you will appreciate the backbone provided by its languages department. That is certainly the case at School of Continuing Education (SCE) with its renowned languages programs that annually benefit over 30,000 students in their professional, academic, as well as personal lives.

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"Accessers" become "Bridgers" and Pursue Big Opportunities

Meet Maria, Muhammed, and Aziza! They are graduates of two of School of Continuing Education’s (SCE) most robust programs, the English Access Microscholarship program, as well as the Access Alumni Bridge to US Universities Program, or Access and the Bridge as they are commonly known. They share with us their experience, the exciting opportunities they pursued, and their advice for incoming students.

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For the Love of Teachers

For the Love of Teachers

Teachers are one of School of Continuing Education’s (SCE) priority learners. The school recognizes that this often underappreciated demographic is one the most effective investment areas to propel development on the micro and macro scales. It is active in collaborations that share this understanding and commitment towards teacher development. Some date back decades, such as the NileTESOL association that just celebrated a quarter-century of empowering English language teachers.

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SCE Dean

A Message from SCE Dean James Ketterer

Welcome friends to the new SCE Newsletter. It is an opportunity, to sum up our many accomplishments of 2020. And oh, what a year it has been. Yes, of course, the world was hit with the challenges presented by the pandemic. And as with the rest of AUC and everyone else across the globe, we had to adjust and find new ways to accomplish our never-changing mission of offering high-quality education in an accessible way. The SCE mission might well be more important now than ever as people reevaluate their career and educational options.

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