Evaluations: Integrated Across SCE, and Beyond

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The Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment Department (ETAD) at SCE is an essential component of the institution's quality-oriented approach to learning events. Any student who has participated in a program at SCE will have encountered ETAD's evaluation services, which are designed to measure and improve customer satisfaction. ETAD's evaluations take place at various stages of the program, including mid-program, on the last day, or after 6-8 months, and the feedback is used to identify areas to improve and to update the program materials accordingly. ETAD also collects feedback from instructors to ensure a comprehensive review of the program.

Because we are quality-oriented at SCE, we care about student satisfaction. If something is lacking, we want to know about it and address it with all means possible,” explains Mohamed El-Safy, Manager of Evaluation Services. 

El-Safy takes pride in facilitating these evaluations as a 'happiness' survey, which he believes is essential for maintaining happy clients, a happy team, and happy revenues. ETAD's evaluation services are not limited to the SCE department and are available to other entities, including non-educational organizations, both domestically and internationally.

He also emphasizes the importance of clients communicating their feedback and the accountability of decision makers for adapting to the feedback accordingly. Overall, evaluations serve as the backbone of SCE's quality-oriented approach to learning events, and ETAD is proud to offer this indispensable service.