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International Exams

The School of Continuing Education (SCE) offers a number of international exams for English assessments.

International Exams
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Testing Services for Individuals

We offer English and Arabic language proficiency tests, scores can also be used for additional purposes such as occupational appointments, promotion, travel abroad and scholarships.

Testing for Individuals
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Hosting International Universities Exams

All Paper-Based/Computer-Based Tests scheduled for students that want to take their tests remotely, through a partnership agreement between SCE/ETAD and international universities.

Hosting Universities Exams
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Testing Services for Organizations

Testing services by SCE help organizations, universities, companies, governmental/non-governmental organizations, by designing and offering testing services tailored to their needs. 

Testing for Organizations
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Evaluation Services

Evaluation services include learners, student evaluation, and satisfaction level, also faculty, instructors, staff members' evaluation, satisfaction level, happiness rates, and periodical reporting services. 

Evaluation Services