The 27th Annual NileTESOL Conference

NileTESOL 2023

The School of Continuing Education (SCE) held the 27th annual NileTESOL Conference face-to-face at our beautiful New Cairo campus of AUC. Over 4,500 teachers internationally and across Egyptian governorates participated in the conference on January 23-24, 2023, under the theme New Era in Teaching and Learning: Challenges and Opportunities.

Today, our world is facing many challenges which we cannot ignore. People from all walks of life are trying to fix the damage done to our planet. Our duty as professionals and educators is to play a major role in rebuilding our communities and nations. We need to focus on the realities of our world to find creative ways to help the new generations be active participants in the much-needed processes of rebuilding, recreating, reforming, reimagining, and relearning. A new era of teaching and learning awaits us; despite the possible challenges we might face, there will always be stories of success. 

During these two days, the participants examined various interest areas, such as teacher training, teacher and/or student motivation, professional development, program administration, learning technologies, collaborative learning, research development, and assessment - to list but a few. Today more than ever, educators need innovative strategies and instructional materials that can be integrated with the available technological tools to enhance their teaching and empower themselves and their students to embrace current and future challenges.

Watch the opening ceremony and the first session by Peter Sokolowski from here.

See you all again next year.