Refund Policy

Learners who request to drop a course before the start of the SCE term have the right to receive a full course tuition fee refund. Once the SCE term has started, learners are not eligible for any refunds. Ineligibility of refunds for the School of Continuing Education (SCE) offerings is calculated from the start date of the SCE term announced by the school and NOT from the date of the learner’s first class session.

After the beginning of the term, if SCE has changed any of the course preconditions under which learners had registered, learners are eligible for either crediting the fees to their account for one year or receiving a 100 percent tuition fees refund. These preconditions (not including cases of force majeure) include changes in course days, hours or venue or canceling any course section.

During the announced add/change course schedule period, a learner is eligible for either a 100 percent fee refund or crediting the fees to her/his account for one year in the following cases:

  • They received a final grade of “F,” “S,” or “IF” in a course and expresses her/his wishes not to repeat it after having registered for the next course during the early registration period.

  • They failed to change the “I” grade before the end of the add/change course schedule period and registered for the next course during the early registration period.

Admission/placement test fees are fully refunded for applicants who withdraw one working day prior to a scheduled exam set date. On the other hand, if SCE has changed any of the course preconditions under which the applicant had attended the exam, the applicant has the following options:

  1. To cancel the exam result and receive a full refund.

  2. To benefit from the exam result within two consecutive 12-week terms and receive the difference between the same-day exam fees and the scheduled exam fees (if applicable).

For customized / tailor-made programs, the tuition fees are refunded according to the signed agreement/document.

Learners who face problems due to situations beyond their control have the right to submit a petition (cf B11) requesting an exception to the respective departments; learners are required to submit full documentation to support their petitions. These petitions require the approval of the department director and the associate dean for instructional affairs. Exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Learners who pay in cash receive the refund in cash if the amount does not exceed LE 3,000 otherwise, the refund is transferred to their bank accounts or paid by check. Thus, for amounts exceeding LE 3,000, a cheque or bank transfer is issued for the reimbursement of the refund. Learners who pay by credit/debit cards or online will have the refund paid only in their credit/debit cards. In all cases, SCE is not responsible for any bank fees incurred.