SCE In Motion

SCE Public Video - Dr. Chelsea Green "Music & Our Time"

Humans have attained transformative experiences through music for countless centuries. I believe music's transformative power arises from the beat--the fundamental building block of rhythm. Tune in to understand the ways in which the musical beat inspires us to celebrate the passage of time.

SCE Public Video - Dr. Mohamed Yehia "Productivity of Remote work"

The full webinar of Dr. Mohamed Yehia, to learn how to boost your productivity when working from home, what are the challenges you face and how to overcome them, and finally you will know some tips of the effective home environment for efficient work.

SCE Public Video - Ms. Rania Jabr "Online Teaching: Get Ready to Teach English Skills using Tech"

Synchronous online learning and English language teaching require interaction but not face to face learning. Instead, they focus on matching tools and skills with high-impact, with which active learning strategies are used in order to enhance student engagement. In this workshop, participants will get introduced to learning about matching English language skills with essential digital literacies for 21st century teaching.