Important Test and Registration Instructions

To enhance your test, admission process, and registration experience at the School of Continuing Education, find below important notes and useful links for new applicants, test takers, and registration instructions for continuing students.

1. New Applicants and Test Takers

  • Applicants must be 15 years or older, except learners who apply to youth programs are exempted from the minimum age limit. 
  • Learners need a stable internet connection for online tests, courses, and coursework during face-to-face sessions.
  • Applicants must have basic computer literacy to study at SCE.
  • Registration for the placement test doesn't guarantee a place in the current term.
  • For the online test requirements, read all the information here.

Placement tests fees, according to availability:

TitleFees (EGP)NotesTest Results DateTest Duration
One-time Admission Fee100Paid at the time of submission of the admission application  
Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT)400Can be registered six working days before the beginning of the termResults will be sent to @XED email after four working days after the test date3 hours
Online English Placement Test (OEPT) With Live Proctoring340Can be registered six working days before the beginning of the termResults will be sent to @XED email after one working day after the test date130 minutes
Arabic Proficiency Test (APT)300Can be registered six working days before the beginning of the termResults will be sent to @XED email after four working days after the test date90 minutes
Online Arabic Admission Test (OAAT) with Live Proctoring160Can be registered six working days before the beginning of the termResults will be sent to @XED email address one day after the test date20 minutes
One-Day Test Fees - On Campus550Can be registered five working days before the first day of the term  

After completing the test registration:

  1. An email will be sent to the personal email you entered on the online application with your AUC@XED email account.
  2. You will receive an email on the new XED email from [email protected] two days before the test session date, including your test credentials (username and password) and test instructions.
  3. The applicants who registered for the online test should be presented 30 minutes before the start of the test for the verification process via the Zoom link.
  4. The Zoom link will be shared by the Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment Department (ETAD) to your XED email account two days before the test date.
  5. Applicants taking the test must present a valid identification card with a photo and matching data as the registered record. Failure to submit such documentation will result in test cancellation

Important notes for test takers:

  • Holders of a valid international English test score, such as IELTS and/or TOEFL, may be exempted from SEPT. The valid test certificate must be submitted to the SCE Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment Department (ETAD) for evaluation and approval directly by email to [email protected].
  • Applicants registered in tests cannot cancel or drop the test registration online.
  • Admission test fees are only refunded for the test applicants who withdraw one working day before a scheduled test date. The test cancellation email date received by SCE has to be dated one working day before the test date.
  • Exam fees are valid for only one exam date. Failure to attend any test session without officially dropping or amending the test date will require the test applicant to pay the total test fees again for a new session.
  • Changes in admission test dates are only allowed two working days before the reserved test session. In case of absence, new test registration and fees will need to be processed.
  • Test-takers must read the test info sheet provided at the admission test sample, especially "Frequently Asked Question," which has the technical requirements for any online test.
  • All language admission tests are valid for one year starting from the test date.
  • Once the test result is announced, you can register for your course or certificate.

2. Registration Instructions for Continuing Students

  • Once you have completed your course registration without admission test pre-requisite, the XED email credentials will be sent to the email you entered on the online application.
  • Smart IDs permit learners to access AUC campuses only according to the learner’s emailed course or test schedule.
  • Age Limit: SCE applicants must be at least 15 years old unless they enroll in courses designed specifically for young learners.
  • Learners must attend at least 75% of the class sessions in order to be allowed to take the final examination
  • Adding classes or changing the course schedule is only allowed within seven working days from the beginning of the term unless SCE announces changes via email.
  • The online test registration deadline is four working days before each test date at 11 am.
  • The online course registration deadline is before 4 pm on the registration deadline dates.
  • An email from the instructor will be sent to your XED email account on the first day of your classes to illustrate how to sign in to Moodle Collaborative, through which you can attend the online sessions or prepare coursework for all SCE classes.
  • If there is a need to close AUC campuses at any time due to health concerns or force majeure, face-to-face classes will be shifted to virtual/online sessions same schedule and the same teacher.
  • The University has the right to cancel any classes which haven't reached the minimum enrollment to start the course.