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The International Language Assessment Conference in Egypt (ILACE) is proudly offered through a partnership between the British Council and the American University in Cairo. ILACE seeks to provide opportunities for professional development, networking, and scholarly discussion and debate within the area of language assessment. 

Localization, Translation, and Interpreting

In this year's theme 'Going Global: Business, Community and Education', the conference focuses on localization and on examining this paradigm from various perspectives: industry, academia, human resources, and technology.


The world we live in is constantly changing, which challenges both teachers and students to keep up with this progress and find ways to adapt to it, learn from it, and reflect on it. Teachers need to revisit their teaching to re-define their roles, their curricula and the tools and strategies they use.  Since much online information is now available to students, teachers have become facilitators to learning. Therefore, today more than ever, educators need innovative strategies and instructional materials that can be integrated with the available technological tools in order to enhance their teaching and empower themselves and their students to embrace both current and future challenges.