We are pleased to announce the 28th Annual Nile TESOL Conference, which will be held face-to-face at the New Cairo campus on January 23 - 24, 2024, in Engaging and Empowering Learners and Teachers: methods, strategies, and tools.

Our world is constantly changing, which challenges teachers and students to keep up with this progress, find ways to adapt to it, learn from it, and reflect on it. Teachers need to revisit their teaching to redefine their roles, their curricula, and the tools and strategies they use. Since much online information is now available to students, teachers have become facilitators of learning. Therefore, today, more than ever, educators need innovative strategies and instructional materials that can be integrated with the available technological tools to enhance their teaching and empower themselves and their students to embrace current and future challenges.

This year’s conference has various interest areas, such as teacher training, teacher and/or student motivation, professional development, program administration, learning technologies, collaborative learning, corpus studies, research development, and assessment, to list but a few.

English language professionals and publishers are all welcome to participate. The broader the range of professional interests, the more stimulating and beneficial the Nile TESOL 2024 conference will be.

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