Orientation Session Schedule and Reservation

Career Orientation Sessions


  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business Administration “Blended Learning” 
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Public Relations
  • Conference and Event Management 
  • Digital Marketing Management 
  • Professional Tax Accountant
  • Professional Human Resources Partner 
  • Partner Integrated Talent Management 
  • Professional Startup Management
  • Customer Experience Management 
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Strategic Procurement Management 
  • Logistics Management


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group of students in class

Teacher Training Orientation Session


  • Teacher Training for Math and Science Fundamentals of English Language
  • Fundamentals of English Language
  • Teaching Professional Diploma in the English Language
  • Teaching Professional Certified Trainer
  • Teaching IT for school teachers


AUC Tahrir Square    AUC New Cairo 


Translation Orientation Session


  • Foundation Certificate in Translation & Interpreting
  • Professional Diploma in Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Professional Diploma in Legal & UN Translation
  • Professional Diploma in Media & Audiovisual Advanced
  • Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools English for Translators
  • English for Translators
  • Arabic Editing Skills


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Languages Orientation Session


  • English Language
  • Oral Communication
  • Test Preparation (IELTS)


AUC Tahrir Square    AUC New Cairo 

Students- Class- Writing