Admission and Re-admission

Admission at the School of Continuing Education (SCE) is open to learners fifteen (15) years or older who fulfill any of the following criteria:

  • Graduate or undergraduate student in good standing at AUC or any other approved university
  • Hold a Thanawiya  Amma or any high school certificate
  • Individuals whose educational background or experience qualifies them for the courses/certificates they wish to take
  • Individuals of any English level competency who wish to study the English language
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Admission and Re-admission Procedures

This procedure describes the admission and re-admission processes for (A) scheduled programs and (B) customized/tailor-made programs and special exams starting from how applicants obtain information about SCE offerings, fill out the application form and pay the admission/placement test(s) fees, and ending to how they take the test(s) and obtain the test results. 

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Testing for Admission, Readmission, Placement and Replacement

All new scheduled program applicants must sit for one or more tests to determine their language proficiency level or competency in a specific subject before being accepted as School of Continuing Education (SCE) learners.

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Registration is the official process of enrolling eligible learners in courses and programs offered by the School of Continuing Education (SCE). The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office is responsible for performing registration services.

Learners and organizations may register during periods specified by the SEM office or may take advantage of SCE’s online admissions and registration services.

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