Registration is the official process of enrolling eligible learners in courses and programs offered by the School of Continuing Education (SCE). The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office is responsible for performing registration services.

Learners and organizations may register during periods specified by the SEM office and may take advantage of SCE online admissions and registration services.

For all learners to register in any learning event, the Student Identification Number (SID), which is emailed to them to confirm registration along with payment instructions and all the course information such as term dates, course meeting times, and days, including for face to face courses campus, building, and room information.

Registration in course sections is on a first-come-first-served basis. Places in subjects and course sections cannot be guaranteed as registration is according to the available remaining places.

Learners are always encouraged to begin course registration as of the first week from the beginning of the current term until two days before the coming term is scheduled to begin. Learners, who register during that period, will benefit from a larger selection of course sections and subjects that suit their personal needs and schedules. Learners can benefit from requesting a full refund (cf L6) in case they wish to drop a course until one day before the coming term classes begin for face-to-face classes and until the last day of the add and change period for online courses.

Continuing learners should not wait until the results of their current term courses are announced as they will forfeit the above advantages. Learners’ delaying their registration until the first day of classes for face to face classes or two working days for online courses, before the term beginning date will forfeit all of the above advantages and will not be able to receive any course refund for face to face courses if dropped once the term begins.

Learners who failed courses during the previous term are required to check their registration status once grades are out online or with the SEM office to amend their registration accordingly directly online.

Full payment of registration fees is required at the time of registration. No individual learners or learners sponsored by third-party organizations, who have outstanding financial obligations to SCE, are allowed to attend classes on the first day of the term without settling the full payment of the tuition fees unless authorized by SCE Finance Office.

SCE reserves the right to cancel courses and programs due to low enrollment or unexpected unavailability of qualified faculty or facility or force majeure necessitated closures.

If there is a need to close AUC campuses at any time due to health concerns or force majeure, face-to-face classes will be shifted to virtual/online sessions, the same schedule, and the same teacher.

PPM: E1 September 2021

Add and Change Course Schedule

The add and change course schedule period is determined and announced by the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) office through AUC platforms. The face-to-face classes begin on the first day of the SCE term and extend to cover two sessions of each possible schedule pattern within the term, followed by one working day for all SCE scheduled offerings. For online courses, the deadline is two working days before the term begins. In scheduled programs, learners are permitted to add courses or change course sections provided space is available.

Learners dropping face-to-face courses as of the first day of the term, even if their course does not meet on the first day of the term, are not entitled to any refunds. Exceptional cases are handled as per the announced Refund policy (cf L6). No courses are allowed to be dropped or added as well as no changes are allowed to be made in course schedules during the period of study, after the end of the add and change course schedule period.

Learners, who stop attending a course without notifying the SEM office, receive a letter grade of “S” as a final grade for the course (cf G7), and tuition fees are not refunded or credited to their accounts.

PPM: E2 January 2022

Withdrawal Policy

Learners have the right to withdraw from a course up until the 6th week of a 12-week term, 3rd week in a 6-week term, or 9 days in a 4/3-week term provided they notify the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office. No withdrawals are allowed after that deadline.

A grade of "W" will be recorded in learners’ records (transcripts) and no course may be added in its place. Learners who withdraw forfeit all rights to a refund of any portion of the tuition fees (cf L6).

Failure to attend classes does not constitute a formal withdrawal from an SCE course. Either an email is sent to before the deadline or a withdrawal form (FormE3-1) has to be completed and returned to SEM Office for processing on the Management Information System (MIS).

A grade of "S" will be recorded for learners who stop attending after the withdrawal deadline or fail to notify SEM Office during the allowed period for withdrawal.

PPM: E3 September 2021