Annual NileTESOL 2024 Conference at AUC New Cairo

NileTESOL 2024

The 28th Annual Nile TESOL Conference was held at AUC New Cairo campus on January 23 - 24, 2024, in Engaging and Empowering Learners and Teachers: methods, strategies, and tools. NileTESOL conference in 2024 will host more than 250 sessions, and there are around 3500 attendees. 

For 28 years, the conference has always brought together trainers, instructors, and professionals in English Language Teaching (ELT) from different parts of the world to network and share experiences and challenges. From the various governorates in Egypt, English instructors come together on the AUC Campus to attend workshops and presentations on the latest academic trends, and each one goes home with a new vision of his/her profession.

We are in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the thought of robots replacing human beings in all fields, not just teaching, is frightening. Can human beings last and stand against this threat? NileTESOL 2024 explored different teaching pedagogies that can enable us to cope with the ever-challenging globe; teachers have to be totally familiar with the mentalities and mindsets of the current generation. Students are also changing, and learners nowadays cannot bear a traditional instructor.

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