Admission and Re-admission

Admission at the School of Continuing Education (SCE) is open to learners fifteen (15) years or older who fulfill any of the following criteria:

  • Graduate or undergraduate student in good standing at AUC or any other approved university
  • Hold a Thanawiya  Amma or any high school certificate
  • Individuals whose educational background or experience qualifies them for the courses/certificates they wish to take
  • Individuals of any English level competency who wish to study the English language

Learners applying for youth programs specifically are exempted from the minimum age limit. 


Applicants to scheduled programs can first decide which program they wish to register in and then apply.  Applicants to scheduled programs who are unsure of their courses or career preference are encouraged to contact the Instructional Affairs (IA) counseling staff (cf C3). 

All new applicants to scheduled programs must sit for one or more admission/placement tests (cf G1) depending on the desired field of study selected by the applicant at the time of admission to SCE to determine the language proficiency level before being accepted as learners in SCE. The type of test depends on the program the applicant wishes to join. 

Learners who were registered in any AUC continuing education certificate and did not attend any classes for a 6-month period or more, calculated from the end date of the last term they attended, and wish to resume their studies must apply for re-admission and take all entrance exams once again in the first term following the six-month or calculated period.  

However, learners who completed a Foundation certificate or AUC continuing education certificate are required to sit for the SEPT if they dropped out for a period of one year or more from the date of completing the certificate. (cf G1). 


Re-admitted learners may be required to take additional courses that may have been added to the curriculum during their absence. 

Dates, times and locations of admission tests are printed by the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office on the Examination ID Card (FormC7-2July15) received by the applicant upon admission along with a sample of the placement test (if available).  The date of announcing test results is announced by ETAD Test Administrator during the admission/placement test session. 

Test applicants, who arrive late to the test after the test has started, have to obtain a re-scheduling slip from the ETAD office, re-schedule the test through the SEM office and pay an extra fee.  


In case the minimum required number of test-takers per any test session is not maintained, the session is to be left open and closed only one (1) working day before the scheduled test date. If the minimum number of test-takers is not reached, the test session is to be repeatedly rescheduled. 

The provision of in-depth information to prospective applicants who are interested in customized/tailor-made programs is the responsibility of instructional departments. Learners are referred by instructional departments to SEM Office to complete the admission application, register and pay for the course contracted with the respective department. New applicants to customized / tailor-made programs may be required to sit for one or more admission/placement tests (cf G1) depending on the field of study coordinated with the respective instructional department. 

It is the responsibility of the SEM office to create AUC / SCE email accounts for new applicants registered in scheduled programs at the time of admission.  AUC / SCE email accounts for new applicants registered in customized / tailor-made programs can be requested from the SEM office as an exception. The University Academic Computing Technologies unit is responsible for discontinuing the e-mail service in case learners are no longer active at SCE or don’t register in SCE programs for more than 6 months; approvals for exceptions are handled by the SEM office. 

Acceptance into a program offered by SCE does not imply acceptance as a degree candidate in any department of the American University in Cairo.


PPM: C7 Nov, 2019