English Courses FAQs

English Courses FAQs

  1. Mainstream English is divided into four stages, each stage includes four courses. English conversation is divided into three stages, and each stage includes three courses.

  2. If you have not stopped studying at SCE for more than six months, then you can register for an English conversation course without retaking the SEPT.

  3. You have to sit for the SEPT to be placed in the appropriate English course unless your SEPT score is still valid within six months.

  4. Any grade above 60 percent is a passing grade for any English course.

  5. A student registered in English or conversation courses receive their free copy of the certificates at the end of each stage and not at the end of each course of study. Students who wish to receive their certificate or a letter of enrollment in English or Arabic can contact the Office of Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) by email at [email protected] after settling the required service fees (if any). The enrollment letter will have the course, grade, and student attendance.

  6. Yes, you need to sit for the SEPT whether you are applying for a certificate or a stand-alone course at SCE.

  7. You can register for an English course(s) until the required English proficiency level is achieved, and then apply for the desired certificate. This is except for the Fundamentals of English Language Teaching (FELT) and Professional Certified Trainer (PCT), which mandates that the applicant scores the required level upon admission.