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Career Certificate in Digital Marketing

Career Certificate in Digital Marketing provides practical guidelines for business professionals interested in exploring the opportunities digital marketing offers to manage and enhance the visibility of their products or services in today's market space. Career Certificate in Digital Marketing is only awarded upon successful completion of the 9 CEUs of the Achievement Certificate in Sales and Marketing in addition to the 12 CEUs of this certificate.

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Type :
Duration :
120 Hours
Subject :
Marketing and Sales
Location :
AUC Tahrir Square
AUC New Cairo
Format :
Online or Face to Face
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Registration Instructions, Policies and Procedures

Registration instructions and tips, coupled with a clear understanding of policies and procedures, lay the foundation for a fulfilling and successful academic experience. 

 The career certificate in digital marketing enhances skills and abilities to develop strategies, increase revenue, raise the level of professionalism and growth in marketing research and planning, and study digital and social media marketing tools. In digital marketing I, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to manage various digital marketing tools, like search engine optimization, and email marketing, in addition to Google tools and analytics. In digital marketing.II, learners explore various social media marketing as an integral component of marketing campaigns and acquire the skills needed to leverage social media brand existence, exposure, and engagement by developing an integrated plan for social media marketing campaigns to achieve the business goals.  

Code Title                            CEUs* Prerequisite(s)      
SBSM104 Marketing Research3Achievement Certificate in Sales and Marketing
SBSM204Strategic Marketing3Achievement Certificate in Sales and Marketing

Digital Marketing I

Achievement Certificate in Sales and Marketing and SBSM 104 and 204 
SCDM204 Digital Marketing II3Digital Marketing I

*One continuing education unit (CEU) equals 10 contact hours.

Upon successful completion of this course, the learners will be able to: 

  1. Define marketing strategies and the functionality of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media tools in generating business.
  2. Identify the theory of business and strategic management, the structure and components of digital marketing, and the social media marketing plan's components.
  3. Create a value proposition in the digital market ArenaNet digital marketing winning strategy.
  4. Measure KPIs for a holistic digital marketing plan and performance and the conversion metrics for enhancing ROI.
  5. Set plans for enhancing SEO to increase brand awareness and visibility and the winning social media marketing strategy.
  6. Utilize exploratory and qualitative research techniques, Google tools, and analytics to increase a brand's web visibility and traffic.
  7. Design email blast for promoting a product/service.
  8. Analyze the performance metrics of email marketing campaigns and the progress of social media through its analytics.
  9. Develop a digital marketing plan for a product/service, and organizational analysis.
  10. Create content that builds successful customer engagement.
  11. Manage the paid and nonpaid social media campaigns and social media marketing plan for a product or service.
 Fees (EGP)
Admission Fees150
Course Tuition Fees (per subject or level)3,125

Placement Test Fees (if required)

Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT) 

Online English Placement Test (OEPT) 

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