Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT)

  • The Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT) is a standardized test that is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) which is an international benchmark used to describe language ability. SEPT is designed to measure the communicative language ability of individuals for whom English is a second or foreign language. 

    The scores obtained from the SEPT are used for placement decisions of learners into the different levels of the School of Continuing Education (SCE) CEFR-aligned English Language Program, Graduate School of Education and School of Business (Executive Education) programs. The scores are also be used for additional purposes such as university admission, occupational appointments/promotion, traveling abroad and scholarships. SEPT scores are valid for six (6) months.

    Three language skills are covered by this test, namely listening, reading and writing. These skills address four main contexts of language use as defined by the CEFR, namely personal, social, occupational and educational.

    The SEPT information document  shows what the test looks like, how to answer during the test, what to bring on the test day, actions that cancel the SEPT score and other information related to the SEPT scores and results.

  • Based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) which is an international benchmark used to describe language ability, SEPT measures the communicative language ability (listening, reading, and writing) of individuals for whom English is a second or foreign language.

  • National ID / Valid Passport / Valid Driving License

Course Info

3 hours
Evaluation, Testing and Assessments
AUC Tahrir Square
AUC New Cairo
Off Campus
Computer-Based and Paper-Based
Pre-Fall 6 weeks (July 13 - Sept 03)
Fall 12 weeks (Sept 15 - Dec 15)
Spring 12 weeks (Jan 28 - May 03)
Summer 6 weeks (May 17 - Jul 04)


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