Online Standardized Arabic Proficiency Test (OSAPT)

The Online Standardized Arabic Proficiency Test (OSAPT) is a test that is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which is an international benchmark used to describe language ability. OSAPT is designed to measure the communicative language ability of individuals who can communicate in Arabic. The scores obtained for the OSAPT are used to determine the CEFR-aligned Arabic Language level for those who would like to apply for some of the School of Continuing Education (SCE) programs. The scores can also be used for additional purposes, such as occupational appointments and promotions.

This test covers three language skills, namely listening, reading, and writing. These skills address four main contexts of language use as defined by the CEFR – namely personal, social, occupational, and educational.

  • The online test must meet the system and equipment requirements for the test, and you should have a room that provides an acceptable environment for the test. Make sure to review these requirements before taking the online test.

    Ensure you have the following requirements before taking the online test. If you don’t, you will not be able to take the test.

    1. The computer must be a desktop or laptop computer, not a tablet or mobile or Mac/Mac OS, an internet connection, a built-in camera or a separate webcam or mobile camera, and a Zoom application that can be downloaded from the Zoom website or from here.

    The computer will have the following requirements:





    2 GB RAM

    4 GB RAM

    Operating  System, PC

    64-bit Windows 8

    64-bit Windows 10


    At least 4 GB of free space

    At least 4 GB of free space


    • Download speed: 1 Mbps
    • Upload speed: 512 Kbps
    • Download speed: > 2 Mbps
    • Upload speed: > 1 Mbps

    Administrator Privileges

    You must have administrator privileges on your computer to be able to install the test browser.

    1. Test-takers must read the test info sheet provided at the admission test samples.
    2. The test results will be issued after four working days and will be sent to the Xed email address.
  • You must follow the steps below before your scheduled test, or you will likely encounter challenges and risk not being able to complete the test.

    Read the following steps carefully:

    1. Access your SCE XED email account as per the information sent to your personal email. If you have problems accessing @XED email after viewing the tutorial, send an email to as soon as possible. 
    2. Check the XED Email Inbox 48 hours before your test time to read the test account Activation email received from and activate your gourmet test account with the received credentials.
    3. Download and Install X51 Secure Exam Browser.
    4. Access your test page 24 hours before your scheduled test to take the demo test.
    5. the XED Email Inbox 24 hours before your test time to find the test zoom link sent from
    6. Access your test page on your scheduled test time to take the test and avoid missing it.
    7. If you could not access the online test because you did not follow all the above instructions within their set timeframe, your score in the test will be recorded as “absent” automatically by the system and cannot be changed.
    8. If you need help during the 48 hours before the exam, for any problems or inquiries regarding the Online Tests.

    If you need help during the 48 hours before the exam, email for inquiries regarding the online tests.

    1. $50 or equivalent according to the current USD rate.

    Course Info

    2 hours and 45 minutes for listening, reading and writing, and 14 minutes for Speaking
    Evaluation, Testing and Assessments
    Off Campus

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