Online English Placement Test (OEPT) With Live Proctoring

The Online English Placement Test (OEPT) With Live Proctoring is an online test. It is designed to assess individuals’ communicative language abilities to place them into the different programs offered by the School of Continuing Education, the Graduate School of Education, and the School of Business of the American University in Cairo. OEPT With Live Proctoring is a 130-minute long. It consists of three sections: Listening (40 minutes), Reading (43 minutes), and Writing (47 minutes). The results will be issued by the next working day.

  • Ensure you have the technical requirements below before registering for the online test. If you don’t, you will not be able to take the test and don’t register for the test.

    Adherence to the following will ensure an efficient testing experience and protect you from the perception of any improprieties.  You must read and fully understand this policy before sitting for the online test. 

    The computer must be a desktop or laptop computer, not a tablet or mobile or Mac/Mac OS, with the following requirements:





    2 GB RAM

    4 GB RAM

    Operating System

    • PC


    • 64-bit Windows 8


    • 64-bit Windows 10


    At least 4GB free space

    At least 4GB free space


    • Download speed: 1 Mbps
    • Upload speed: 512 Kbps
    • Download speed: > 2 Mbps
    • Upload speed: > 1 Mbps

    Administrator Privileges

    You must have Administrator Privileges on your computer to be able to install the test browser


    Test Requirements
    • A desktop or laptop computer, an internet connection, a built-in camera or a separate webcam, and a Zoom application (that can be download from or with the below requirements. Test takers are responsible for self‐testing the functionality of the system a minimum of one day prior to the test so that any required troubleshooting can be accomplished.

    Internet Stability

    Ensure you have a stable, uninterrupted internet connection for your test. If your internet access fails during the test, more than 3 times you will not be able to complete the test.

    Environment Requirements

    You should have a room that provides an acceptable environment for the test. You should Stay alone in a quiet room.

    Live Proctoring

    The testing team must be able to see your head, face, and ears as well as listen to you clearly; also, your identity must be verified by an official valid photo (National ID card, Passport, driving license) shown to the team through the Zoom camera.

    Accessing the online test

    • It is the test taker responsibility to correctly note the dates and times of the online test
    • Test takers cannot start the test late and if you are late, you won't be allowed to take the test and will be counted absent.
    • Test takers must review the test instructions which were sent and provided to them on their XED email to ensure they are aware of how to download the test Browser "X51".
    • Open the Zoom link sent to you on your email account 30 minutes before your test time and must be opened through a separate device (Smart Phones), as the testing browser freezes any running application on your device.
    • Restart your computer 30 minutes before the exam time to download the testing browser
    • Close all unnecessary programs and all opened windows
    • Make sure that the power cable is secured, and electricity will not cut off during the test
    • Test takers should access their online test through the link

    Starting the Test

    • The test downloads will commence when the test-taker clicks on the “Start Test.”
    • Once the download time has completed, test-takers will have their full exam duration to respond.  Test takers should be aware of the exam timings throughout the test.

    During the Test

    • You are NOT ALLOWED TO TURN ON THE MIC DURING THE TEST; otherwise your test will be terminated immediately.
    • Read the test instructions carefully and answer the test questions in accordance with the test instructions.
    • You cannot stop the session and then return to it.
    • You must be seen by the proctor all the time and don’t do any suspected moves by your head or eyes; otherwise your exam will be terminated.
    • Be sure that you submit your answer within the time by clicking “Submit” at the end of the test.
    • If you encounter a technical problem during the test, do not talk to the proctor. The proctor is only responsible for verifying the identity of the examinees before starting the test on the Zoom platform. Send email to


    • Don’t try cheating. Your test will be canceled in case of any malpractice.


    • All test materials are SCE copyright that cannot be transferred and/ or copied by any means.


    • The test result will be issued by the next working day and will be sent to the XED email address. 
  • You must read and follow the steps below carefully before your scheduled test, or you will very likely encounter challenges and risk not being able to complete the test.
    1. A new email XED email account will be created for you by SCE to be used for all official communication to and from the school. The credentials of the XED email will be sent to your registered personal email from Make sure to log in to your XED email once you receive it.
    2. If you have problems accessing @XED email after viewing the tutorial, send an email to as soon as possible.
    3. Check the XED Email Inbox 48 hours before your test time to read the test account Activation email received from and activate your gourmet test account with the received credentials, download and Install X51 Secure exam browser and take the demo test to reduce any issues you might have throughout the test. (Pro-tip: Set a reminder on your phone for 48 hours before your test)
    4. Access your test page on your scheduled test time to take the test and avoid missing it.
    5. Download a Zoom software on your Mobile phone for the check in process on the test day.
    6. If you could not access the online test because you did not follow all the above instructions within their set timeframe, your score in the test will be recorded as “absent” automatically by the system and cannot be changed.

    If you have any inquiries regarding the online tests or need help during the 48 hours period before the exam, send an email to

    Any technical issues preventing the candidates from proceeding with the test should be reported during the test time and/or until 11 pm of the same day, supported with the 9-digit student ID number and full student name. Reported cases after the mentioned time will not be considered.

  • EGP 340

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