Online Arabic Admission Test (OAAT)

The online Arabic Admission Test (OAAT) is an online test. It measures the individual’s degree of proficiency in contemporary standard Arabic. Passing this test is an indication that the applicant has the minimum language skills required to start studying one of the SCE translation programs or the career certificate in teaching Arabic as a foreign language (CCTAFL). The results will be issued the next day.

  • Be sure that you have the following requirements before you register for the online test. If you don’t, you will not take the test, and please don’t register for the test.

    1- The computer must be a desktop or laptop computer, NOT a tablet or mobile or Mac/Mac OS, with the following requirements.





    2 GB RAM

    4 GB RAM

    Operating System

    • PC



    • 64-bit Windows 8



    • 64-bit Windows 10


    At least 4GB free space

    At least 4GB free space


    • Download speed: 1 Mbps
    • Upload speed: 512 Kbps
    • Download speed: > 2 Mbps
    • Upload speed: > 1 Mbps

    Administrator Privileges

    You must have administrator privileges on your computer to be able to install the test browser.

    1. Test-takers must read the test info sheet provided at the Admission Test Samples
    2. Test-takers will receive information from SCE’s Educational Testing and Assessment Department (ETAD) from the SCE email at your SCE email two days before the test with your log in account to take the test and how to activate your account with full information and guidance
    3. Any Technical Issues prevented to proceed with the test should be reported during the test time and until 11:00 pm of the same day, supported with your student ID number and full name. Reported cases after the mentioned time will not be considered.
    4. Test result: on the second day after the test-date will be sent to the Xed email address

  • You must follow ALL of the below steps before your scheduled test, or you will very likely encounter challenges and risk not being able to complete the test.

    Read steps 1-5 carefully:

    1. Access  your XED email account as per the information sent to your personal email. If you have problems accessing @xed email after viewing the tutorial (click here or send an email.
    2. Check the XED Email Inbox 48 hours before your test time to read the Test Account Activation email received by email and activate your Gourmet Test Account with the received Credentials. (Pro-tip: Set a reminder on your phone for 48 hours before your test.) 
    3. Download and Install (X51 Secure Exam Browser).
    4. Access your Test Page 24 hours before your scheduled test to take the Demo Test. 
    5. Access your test page on your scheduled test time to take the test and avoid missing it.

    If you miss or were not able to access the online test, because you did not follow all the above measures within their set timeframe, your score in the test will baes “Absent”. This online test result is automatic by the system and cannot be changed.

    If you need help during the 48 hours’ period before the exam, send an email for any problem or inquiries regarding the online tests.

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