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Teaching Essentials (Stand-Alone Course)

This self-paced virtual course enables participants to learn about matching their teaching skills with essential 21st-century professional development pedagogy, techniques and literacies. 

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30 Hours
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Teaching and Education
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Live Online
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On Demand

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Content and language teachers require professional development to master the demanding job of teaching and learning and building their confidence. Additionally, they need to focus on specific skills and several high-impact competencies. Participants will engage in carefully selected learning strategies in this tailored course for educators to ensure this. This self-paced virtual course lets participants learn about matching their teaching skills with essential 21st-century professional development pedagogy, techniques, and literacies. The focus is on the needs of teachers who teach both content and/or language skills in various contexts, seeking excellence within their classes. Participants will go beyond learning about the competencies needed to apply to their specific learning contexts. They will also be able to develop the ability to innovate and judge when, how, and with which students to use such proposed techniques, abilities, and tools targeted in this course. This course consists of four learning modules (with instructor facilitation) and one assessment end. Participants will be expected to dedicate five hours per week for optimal engagement with the content material. Upon completing this instructor-led online course, an assessment module will be administered before issuing the AUC certificate from the School of Continuing Education.





Teaching Essentials - self-paced instructor Led


*One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours.

Upon successful completion of this course, the learners will be able to: 

  1. More skills for Teachers to understand his role.
  2. Introduce teachers to the practice of self-assessing their own teaching. The goals of engaging in professional development will be outlined, and various models and components of professional development tasks will be introduced.
  3. More training on reflective practice
  4. Introduce teachers to the practice of becoming reflective teachers. The goals of why and how to reflect will be outlined, and various models and components of reflective teaching tasks.
  5. More skills in managing classroom
  6. Introduces teachers to the practice of skill and content integration. The goals of creating interactive, engaging classes and various models for student participation (individualization versus collaboration)
  7. More skills on how to manage learners' experience
  8. Introduces teachers to the practice of observing and monitoring their learners. The goals of motivating, engaging, and encouraging participation, Various models for giving feedback, and peer learning
  • Applicants must already be teaching in any institution
  • Applicants must have Very good Command of English
  • Applicants must have basic computer literacy
 Fees (EGP)
Admission Fees150
Course Tuition Fees (per subject or level)2,500

Placement Test Fees (if required)

Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT) 

Online English Placement Test (OEPT) 

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