Introduction to Programming

Introduction to computing course aims to teach the basic concepts used in computer programming.

  • Introduction to computing; problem-solving process; flowcharts and pseudocode, program development; programming concepts in C++ language including program structure; constants, variables, data types, operators, and library functions; control structures: such as sequencing, loops, and conditions; arrays; user-defined functions; structures; pointers; Object-Oriented Programming (OOP); data files; developing programs in C++.





    Introduction to Programming


    *One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours.

  • By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

    1. Identify problem elements and requirements.
    2. Design algorithms using Flowcharts and pseudocode.
    3. Write, compile and run simple C++ programs using variables and elementary data types.
    4. Apply the precedence rule to arithmetic operators in expressions.
    5. Declare named constants in C++ programs.
    6. Write complete C++ programs that use char data type and character strings.
    7. Produce complete C++ programs that use if, switch, break statements.
    8. Explain the aspects of a correct loop structure (loop body, termination condition, and control variable).
    9. Differentiate between the looping control structures (for, while, and do..while).
    10. Produce complete C++ programs that use loops. 
    11. Identify the need for using arrays.
    12. Declare structured data types.
    13. Produce complete C++ programs that use arrays. 
    14. Break down a program into functions.
    15. Write functions that use pass by value and pass by reference
    16. Use one-dimensional arrays in sorting and searching.
    17. Identify the need for using the “struct” data type.
    18. Produce programs using arrays/structures combination of data structures.
    19. Declare the pointer data type.
    20. Use the pointer data type to manipulate linked lists. 
    21. Develop programs using OOP paradigm.
    22. Write programs to manipulate disk data files.
  • All courses require the use of Windows-based computers and applications software in SCE labs for home assignments, presentations, and projects.

  • EGP 6,800

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80 Hours
Programming and Development
AUC Tahrir Square
AUC New Cairo
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