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Fashion Jewelry Business Management

The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy and The School of Continuing Education presents this unique program designed to help lifelong learners to start their own jewelry-making businesses by acquiring the knowledge and creating a profitable business.

Course Info

Type :
Duration :
120 Hours
Subject :
Fashion and Jewelry Design
Location :
AUC Tahrir Square
Format :
Face to Face
Status :
On Demand

Registration Instructions, Policies and Procedures

Registration instructions and tips, coupled with a clear understanding of policies and procedures, lay the foundation for a fulfilling and successful academic experience. 

The program will introduce the attendees to jewelry making and design and the first stages of planning and implementing their new business. Technical knowledge of manipulating metal with a hammer; as well as saw, file and the basics of soldering will be covered. Surface decoration and pattern making will be explored, as well as the fundamentals of composition for creating a jewelry collection. Participants will get acquainted with the market of metals, tools, semi-worked items, beads, stones and pearls. Assemblage will be important in combining stones, pearls and handmade metal parts with chains and closures. Drawing, concepts of design and prototyping will be integrated throughout the program. In addition to the technical side of jewelry making, participants will practice the steps of starting a jewelry-making business whilst making decisions that are based on sound financial and market information.





Fashion Jewelry Business Management Certificate


*One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours.

Through this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the grounding of jewelry design history and methodology
  • Gather and source research for starting a collection
  • Translate research and inspiration into jewelry design
  • List the fundamental differences between successful vs. unsuccessful design
  • Define basic principles of design and composition
  • Sketch and model iterations of starting pieces
  • Use foundational jewelry-making skills to handcraft their own works
  • Explore alternative materials such as wax for jewelry-making
  • Source the markets for materials, goods, and services
  • Create a collection of jewelry pieces
  • Identify the major components of starting a jewelry-making business
  • Recognize the common business myth
  • Define Business Structure and needed resources
  • Recognize the importance of Purchasing
  • List methods of costing and financial Planning
  • Identify major elements in capital calculation and sources of funding
  • Assess and strengthen entrepreneurial abilities
  • Evaluate different sources and techniques of idea generation
  • Identify the components and blocks of the Business Model Canvas
  • Use the Canvas model on their project
  • Research differential apps for startup growth
  • Choose the best tools for their marketing and sales efforts
  • Create a successful business model and plan for their project

Novice or mid-level professional interested in jewelry making.

To be Announced.

EGP 22,000

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