Certificate of Achievement in Pharmacy Management

The certificate aims to provide Pharma learners with a substantial body of knowledge and skills needed to handle the managerial aspects in community pharmacy practice.

  • The certificate aims to provide pharma learners with a substantial body of knowledge and skills to handle community pharmacy practice's managerial aspects. The certificate gives a holistic overview of the daily operational, financial, marketing, and human resource management tasks that every pharmacy manager should know to maintain a successful pharmacy practice.





    SCPM 101

    Pharmacy Management



     *One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours.


    1. Analyze the different roles of pharmacists in community pharmacies.
    2. Identify business aspects in managing community pharmacies.
    3. Analyze the components, touchpoints, and risks in the medication acquisition process.
    4. Discuss the basics of value chain creation and its applications in Pharmacy Management.
    5. Discuss the financial aspects and considerations of managing community pharmacy.
    6. Apply talent acquisitions and management techniques in pharmacy management.
    7. Identify the managerial responsibilities of pharmacists in managing teams.
    8. Apply retail management techniques in managing community pharmacists.
    9. Differentiate Pharmacists’ role and required skills in selling derma cosmetics and regular cosmetics products
    10. Implement appropriate inventory control methods.
    11. Discuss methods to identify, evaluate, correct, and prevent errors in the medication distribution process.
    12. Apply sales, marketing, and branding techniques to promote community pharmacies.
    • Applicants must obtain the score for course ENGGB1A on the SEPT or passing ENGGA2D.
    • Applicants must have basic computer literacy.
  • Admission Fee:

    EGP 75 = A onetime admission non-refundable fee

    Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT) Fees: 

    EGP 200 for Egyptians and EGP 250 for International Students = up to six working days before the term.

    One-day service Test (SEPT) Fees:

    EGP 370 for Egyptians and EGP 465 for International Students= five working days before the first day of the term.

    Exam fees are non-refundable, and changes in admission test dates are only allowed two working days in advance of the reserved test session.     

    Course tuition: 

    Fees/course for Egyptians = EGP 3,000/ 6 CEUs

    Fees/course for International Student = EGP 3,750/ 6 CEUs

Course Info

6 Weeks
Health Care
AUC Tahrir Square
AUC New Cairo
In class/Online

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