Certificate of Achievement in Professional Certified Trainer (PCT)

This course provides practical guidance, knowledge, and skills on how to design and deliver effective training programs.

  • This course provides practical guidance, knowledge, and skills on how to design and deliver effective training programs. Participants will learn how to write and develop training session plans and materials, how to assess participants' performance, and how to develop and use training techniques to meet the needs of participants.

    Obtaining the PCT may qualify participants to work as a part-time instructor at the School of Continuing Education's Career Development Department, in addition to other requirements, qualifications, and experience. 






    Professional Certified Trainer

    • Module 1: Adult Learning

    • Module 2: Training Design

    • Module 3: Presentation and Facilitation skills

    • Module 4: Presentation Methods and Managing Training

    • Module 5: Assessment of Learning Outcomes

    • Module 6: Return on Investment in Training

    • Module 7: Reflective Training Practice Final Project



    *One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours.

    Course Assessment

    Trainees are assessed throughout the term by assignments (lesson plans, observation tasks, practical teaching practice, and written reflections) and a written exit test. The final grade is, therefore, an accumulation of continuous and achievement assessments, for which the minimum accepted score is 70 percent. While absence does not influence the grade, it does influence the performance of the trainees.

  • 1. Understand how adults learn

    2. Plan effective training sessions

    3. Present and manage training

    4. Assess learning outcomes

    5. Reflect on training practice

    • Bachelor's degree

    • Pass the Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT) and score course ENGGB2A.

    • Passing ENGGB1D does not in itself qualify learners to apply for PCT.

    • Good knowledge of the PC applications (Microsoft Office – Word and PowerPoint) and ability to use the Internet

  • Admission Fee:

    EGP 75 = A onetime admission non-refundable fee

    Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT) Fees: 

    EGP 200 for Egyptians and EGP 250 for International Students = up to 6 working days before the beginning of the term.

    One-day service Test (SEPT) Fees:

    EGP 370 for Egyptians and EGP 465 for International Students= five working days before the first day of the term.


    Online English Placement Test (OEPT) Fees:

    EGP 130 for Egyptians and EGP 170 for International Students = up to 4 working days before the beginning of the term.

    Exam fees are non-refundable and change in admission test dates are only allowed 2 working days in advance of the reserved test session.   

    Course tuition: 

    Fees/course for Egyptians = EGP 5,750/6 CEUs

    Fees/course for International Student = EGP 7,190/6 CEUs

Course Info

6 Weeks
Teaching and Education
AUC Tahrir Square
AUC New Cairo
In class/Online

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