Arabic Grammar 1

This course is designed for a remedial survey of the lexicon, morphology, syntax, and style of modern formal written Arabic conventions.

  • The Arabic grammar course is a remedial survey of all linguistics aspects related to the formal written Arabic conventions. The course helps the learners improve their Arabic writing style through different exercises and drills of Arabic grammar.





    ARBF 101

    Arabic Grammar 1



    *One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours

  • Arabic grammar one course is part of the Foundation Certificate in Translation and Interpreting.

    By the end of this course, learners will be able to:
    1. Name the different parts of speech in formal Arabic.
    2. Construct different sentence types.
    3. Classify marked and unmarked syntactic relationships.
    4. Use Arabic case grammar.
    5. Employ established orthographic conventions.
    6. Apply gender agreement conventions in the production of Arabic compound numbers.
    7. Classify between lexical variants.
    8. Select derivational patterns of Arabic.
    9. Produce derivational patterns of Arabic.


  • 1. Applicants must pass the Standardized English Proficiency Test (SEPT) or The Online English Placement Test (OEPT) and score level ENGGB2A.

    • Learners who score ENGGB1C will be placed in the following remedial pre-certificate classes, and should successfully complete the course requirements to be promoted to the certificate level.

    2. Applicants must pass the Arabic Proficiency Test (APT) or The Online Arabic Admission Test (OAAT).

    • The test result will be (Exempted – Not Exempted)
    • Learners who are not exempted must take ARBF101 - Arabic Grammar - as an additional required course in the Foundation Certificate.
  • Admission Fee:

    EGP 75: This is to be paid onetime admission non-refundable fee

    Arabic Proficiency Test (APT) Fees: 

    EGP 200: This is to be paid 6 working days before the term.

    One-day service Test (SEPT) and (APT) Fees:

    EGP 370: This is to be paid 5 working days before the first day of the term.


    Online Arabic Admission Test (OAAT) Fees:

    EGP 100: This is to be paid 4 working days before the beginning of the term.

    Course tuition: 

    Fees/course: EGP 1,235 / 3 CEUs

Course Info

6 Weeks
AUC Tahrir Square
Off Campus
In class/Online

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