150 More English Teachers Ripple Across the Country as Mentors and Trainers

English Teachers Mentors

In demonstrating our commitment to lifelong and wide-spread learning, SCE supported another round of mentor training programs for early-learning English teachers. Over the course of five days, 150 English teachers across the country engaged in intensive workshops leading a double-ripple as both mentors and trainers to other teachers in their communities.

The opportunity is powered by the U.S. embassy’s Regional English Language Office (RELO), collaborating with the U.S. department of state’s English language specialist program and SCE. The specialized workshops deliver best practices for instructive and communicative English aligned with the new curriculum for Egypt’s Vision 2030. 

The determined teachers embarked on a learning boot-camp of sorts that included developing their mentoring skills, teaching methodology, critical thinking, phonics, lesson planning, teaching strategies, and assessments. They received evidence-based instruction, complemented with practical demonstrations. The practicum sessions led by SCE this year were a simulation of real-life classrooms involving an interaction between teachers and students mentored by a fellow teacher/mentor, followed by post-observation discussions. Underlying this concentrates on practicing the English language in instructional settings to improve their proficiency level through a wide range of teaching topics, such as fundamental classroom language and giving constructive feedback.  

All 150 early-learning English teachers are now certified mentorship trainers with an action plan and incentives to support more educators in their communities. RELO also typically nominates distinguished alumni mentors to the NileTESOL acclaimed conference and communities across the country. These collaborations and workshops are designed to maximize the beneficiaries' impact, empowering them to improve their skills and pursue opportunities for learning, professional networks, US-Egypt exchange programs, and job opportunities.

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