IT and Gamification for Teachers

The IT and Gamification course aims to help teachers with basic technological knowledge to effectively use a wide variety of technological tools in teaching, regardless of the equipment available in their setting. In this course, trainees learn how to design and edit multi-and hypermedia tools, use a mobile phone and smartboard applications, select and edit appropriate digital tools and make the best use of the National Egyptian Bank. This course provides the teachers with first-hand experience in applying all the learned digital tools to the subjects they teach. 

  • IT and Gamification course will be through a realistic virtual class as if you are face to face with the trainer, in order to enable you to use remote technology. In this course, the trainer will provide an integrated qualification for the use and professionalism of the following:

    1. Gamification
    2. Learning Management System
    3. Online Tests
    4. Interactive Video
    5. Interactive presentation
    6. Multimedia in Teaching
    7. Electronic Book
    8. Zoom Cloud Meetings
    9. Mobile E-Learning
    10. Create a website






    Information Technology and Gamification for Teachers



    *One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours.

    1. Design digital, pedagogical activities
    2. Use various digital activities to warm up, teach, and assess learners
    3. Design educational videos
    4. Edit designed videos using montage: audio and visual effects
    5. Use mobile phone applications for pedagogical purposes (teaching and assessment)
    6. Make effective use of the smartboard tools in teaching
    7. Design PowerPoint presentations using multi-media tools
    8. Select appropriate online sources
    9. Use the hypermedia tools effectively
  • EGP 1,800

Course Info

30 hours
Teaching and Education
AUC Tahrir Square
On Demand

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