Free For Thought II

Free for Thought II

Welcome Back!

Across SCE, and the broader AUC, a central pillar of our identity as life-long learners is critical thinking. For many, it is perhaps the single most transformative experience of a learner’s identity. The mindset shift often goes far beyond the classroom to foster personal awareness and enriched life-learning.

Here we share different scenarios with our students in the English for Religious and Cultural Purposes program taught by the charming ‘smile enthusiast Amira Makhlouf. We explore the language through the lens of various cross-cultural issues in an interactive and critical thinking approach.

This time, we are exploring the theme of ‘knowledge.’

In a tribute to the holiday-packed season, we hope you had a happy Western Easter, Ramadan, Sinai Liberation Day, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Labor Day, Eastern Easter, Sham El Nessim, and Eid ElFetr! 

You've probably experienced this holiday season differently than someone of another background. What we know about an event influences how we experience it. We invite you to apply critical thinking and reflect on the occasions from the season that you did not personally celebrate or know relatively less about.

What do you know about it? Where do we get that knowledge from? Does that mean something in how you understand it? What do you think others know about the events you celebrate?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on [email protected].

We wish you many returns and knowledge on all these holidays and everything in between!