Free for Thought

Free For Thought

Across SCE, and the broader AUC, a central pillar of our identity as life-long learners is critical thinking. For many, it is perhaps the single most transformative experience of a learner’s identity. The mindset shift often goes far beyond the classroom to foster personal awareness and enriched life-learning.

Here we share with you different scenarios we examine with our students in the English for religious and cultural purposes program taught by the charming ‘smile-enthusiast’, Amira Makhlouf. We explore the language through the lens of a wide variety of cross-cultural issues in an interactive and critical thinking approach.

In a tribute to our changing times and communication across cultures, we encourage you to reflect on how you would finish this statement personally.

The tradition I carry on is…

Do you have a perception of what people you know might say? What about people from different cultures, religions, and values?

Discover how Americans across the country responded to that statement in PBS’ American Portrait project.

Share with us the tradition you are carrying on and your thoughts on this exercise at

As for us, the tradition we are certainly carrying on is critical thinking.