The 25th NileTESOL Annual Virtual Conference


SCE has proudly hosted The 25th NileTESOL Annual Virtual Conference in partnership with the British Council and RELO on fifth and sixth  February 2021. Under the theme” Digitize Globalize: Celebrating 25 Years of Language Learning and Teaching." a theme reflects our current global reality and needs. In fact, this year, NileTESOL was able to meet the challenges of this new reality by “going digital” starting to connect locally and globally with TESOLers via cyberspace.

Switching from a face-to-face conference to a virtual event has indeed opened the door to many professionals in the field who have willingly agreed to share their expertise and wealth of knowledge for all of us to benefit from. For that, we are truly grateful. We received more than 190 proposals worldwide, and NileTESOL has tried to select the best to offer you an excellent conference experience. Such professional collaboration of genuine sharing and caring from dedicated professionals worldwide has internationalized the NileTESOL conference over the years and made it one of the most significant language teaching and learning conferences in the region.

We want to extend our gratitude to our attendees, speakers, presenters, sponsors, and partners. Looking forward to having you back next year.