Integration Practices for Math and Science Teachers (Stand-Alone)

Integration Practices for Math and Science Teachers workshop aims at providing Math and Science teachers with STEM and Math and Science integration techniques and applications.

  • Participants will learn how to master “Science engineering practice” (SEP) standards and how to integrate SEP standards in the classroom context. Participants will also understand the concept of “Next Generation Science Standards''- NGSS and common core standards and learn how to design a lesson plan using NGSS and common core standards. In addition to the previously mentioned topics, participants will learn other techniques like Project-based learning (PBL), coding and the different free coding websites, Robotics, and using different types of robots and sensors. Finally, participants are requested to design and present a lesson plan integrating math, science, and SEP. Using robotics, coding, and PBL.




    CGU 158

    Integration Practices for Math and Science Teachers


    *One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours.

  • By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

    1. Determine what integration is and the elements of perfect integrated lessons
    2. Analyze stages of SEP and (next generation science standards-NGSS standards)
    3. Determine CCS (common core standards)
    4. Practice the 12 steps of a successfully integrated lesson
    5. Create mini-integrated lesson activities
    6. Differentiate between project-based learning and problem-based learning
    7. Create a PBL lesson plan
    8. Apply coding in the integrated lesson plan
    9. Determine robotics, different robots, and sensors types
    10. Present Integrated lesson applying SEP, using robotics, Coding, and PBL
  • To be announced.

  • EGP 1,500

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15 Hours
Teaching and Education
AUC Tahrir Square
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