Online Oral English Placement Test (OOET)

The Online Oral English Placement Test (OOET) is an online oral test. It is designed to assess individuals’ speaking language abilities to place them into different SCE English language communication programs. The results will be issued the next day.

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    OOET 001

    SCE Test-Online Oral Placement


  • Ensure you have the following requirements before registering for the online oral test. If you don’t, you will not take the online test and do not register for the test.

    1. A desktop, laptop, mobile (Android/iPhone) tablet, iPad, a built-in camera or a separate webcam connected, an internet connection, and a Zoom application.
    2. The online test process involves interviewing the examiners to see and listen to you clearly. It also involves the audio or video recording of your interview with the examiners. Only the testing team can listen to (view) the recordings. By proceeding with the registration, you are accepting and acknowledging this process.
    3. Test-takers will receive information from SCE’s educational Testing and Assessment Department (ETAD) from their email at your SCE email one day before the test.
  • You must follow all of the below steps before your scheduled test, or you will very likely encounter challenges and risk not being able to complete the test.

    Read the following steps carefully:

    1. Access your SCE XED email account as per the information sent to your personal email. If you have problems accessing @XED email after viewing the tutorial, send an email to as soon as possible. 
    2. Check the XED Email Inbox 24 hours before your test time to find the test zoom link sent from
    3. If you were not able to access the online test because you did not follow all the above instructions within their set timeframe, your score in the test will be recorded as “absent” automatically by the system and cannot be changed.

    If you need help during the 48 hours’ period before the exam, contact: for any problem or inquiries regarding the Online Tests

  • EGP 330

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