Learner Petition and Grievances


A learner/new applicant has the right to appeal to a higher SCE authority on any aspect of class instruction, learning environment, administration processes, or admission/registration processes. Examples of such cases include faculty’s grading procedure, a classroom disciplinary action, a change in class schedule, exemption from attendance policy. For classroom issues, learners must first discuss them with the faculty.


All SCE learners have the right to report faculty’s disciplinary actions related to equal opportunities and university policies concerning racial, sexual, ethnic, or religious nondiscrimination.

The petition/grievance is submitted to the relevant program manager/assistant department director/department director using the form (FormB11-1July18) or online "click here" if the faculty does not resolve the issue in case of classroom issues.

Departments handle learners’ petitions/grievances within five (5) working days of the form's receipt. During this period, a class visit should be conducted to validate the issues written in the petition with all/majority of class learners. Learners are notified, by email or in writing, by the department of the action taken.

A learner/new applicant can seek resolution at higher administrative levels if the matter is not resolved at the department level. In this case, the decision of the Associate Dean for Instructional Affairs (ADIA) / Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Executive Director is final.

All petitions/grievances are handled with discretion, protecting the learners’ best interests. Anonymous petitions/grievances are completely disregarded.


PPM: B11 July 2019