Incomplete Grades

An incomplete grade (I) for any scheduled course may be given at the course faculty's discretion only to learners who have attended the course but cannot sit for the final examination or cannot complete course requirements due to circumstances beyond their control.

Concerned learners should have attended at least 75% of the class sessions. Incomplete forms (Form G8-1) are available in SCE Instructional Affairs (IA) departments and Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) on the Web.

Course faculty reports the approved cases of incomplete grades to their relevant Assistant Department Director (ADD) requesting final approval.

Learners receiving incomplete grades must contact their departments to make arrangements for clearing the incomplete grade. The necessary course requirements for clearing the incomplete grade (I) must be completed within four (4) weeks after the end of the term. Those who want to register in the next term must complete the necessary course requirements three (3) working days before the conclusion of the add/change course schedule period (cf E2) of the term in question.

No later than one (1) working day after the completion of the necessary course requirements or the conclusion of the 4-week period of each term, the departments provide the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) office with the learners’ final grades that will replace the “I” grades.

Failure to change an incomplete grade during the above mentioned periods will result in the final grade being recorded as "IF". Any exceptions require submitting a petition (cf B11). If the SEM Scheduling and Student Services AssociatDirector's responsibility checks all the “I” grades, at the end of each term, and change them to “IF” grades on the Management Information System.

The Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment Department provides test space, test material, or test administrators as needed; all incurred costs are paid by the departments.


PPM: G8 July 2019