Identification Card

Smart ID cards are issued to all SCE learners based on the Learner enrollment on the Management Information System (MIS). It is the responsibility of the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office to send registration confirmation emails to SCE learners including the test or course schedule information while it is the responsibility of the AUC Security and Safety Office (cf D3) to issue smart ID cards to both SCE learners and faculty.

The test/course registration confirmation email includes the learner's number which is the primary identification on MIS. It also includes the learner's name, schedule, term of study, and campus. Following is the description of the abbreviations used in the email are listed on
SCE web

Day Abbreviations
U Sunday
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday
Campus Abbreviations
DT Tahrir Square Campus
NC New Cairo Campus
OF SCE Off-Campus
Building Abbreviations
MAIN Main Building at Tahrir
FALK Falaki Academic Center
JAMEEL Jameel Building
HH Hill House
RCB Research Center Building
WALEED Waleed Building
SSE School of Science and Engineering
AUCCA AUC Center for the Arts
HATEM Hatem Building
CDB Campus Development Building


AUC campus is equipped with comprehensive state-of-the-art access control security equipment. As such, AUC smart ID cards including learners’ photos are necessary to verify identity and control entry into the AUC campus through electronic gates in both New Cairo and Tahir Square campuses (cf D3).

Current Employees and Learners

IDs are issued by the ID unit in the Security Office; the unit issues the ID cards for current employees validated by the HR office and learners. IDs are programmed for access to the appropriate campus for the appropriate time of employment or for the term the learner has registered for. For newly hired staff members, the Office of Human Resources is responsible for sending a copy of the ID issuance memo to both the Circulation Desk and the ID Center.

SCE Faculty

Respective SCE departments provide authorization for the issuance of IDs for SCE faculty according to course teaching assignments. IDs are programmed for access and deactivated according to the appropriate campus for the appropriate term the SCE faculty member is teaching at SCE.

Visitors for Business Purposes and Meetings

Visitors and SCE faculty, who are not currently teaching at SCE, must provide an official photo ID (passport, Egyptian citizenship card, driver’s license) to the security guard to gain access to the campus. The official photo ID will be returned by the security guards as the visitors exit the campus. Alternatively, SCE faculty members, who are not currently teaching at SCE, can coordinate with the respective SCE department before their visit to AUC campuses, so as to inform the security office about their visit to the campus.

The full text of the AUC Campus Access Policy is available here. 

Learners’ ID cards are only issued after settling all outstanding fees to SCE.

All SCE learners are required to carry their identification cards (smart ID cards) with them at all times on AUC campuses and they are asked to present them for entrance to various AUC campuses/buildings. Also, SCE faculty members must carry their smart ID cards at all times. SCE faculty smart ID cards are valid for both the security gates at Tahrir and New Cairo campuses and for the use of the AUC transportation system. For both SCE learners and faculty, their smart ID cards may be used for AUC library access (cf I4).

The cards are not transferable. Cardholders should not lend their IDs to other individuals for any purpose (cf B10).

A lost, stolen, or damaged identification card must be reported to the AUC Security office within twenty-four (24) hours of the detection of the card’s loss or theft. Smart ID cardholders are responsible for any library transaction made on the card up to the time of notification of the loss or theft. The cost of the replacement of the smart ID card is settled in accordance with the policies of the AUC Security office. Learners whose paper ID cards are either lost or destroyed can have them replaced by paying a replacement fee, determined annually.

PPM: I3 December 2021