Grading System

Learners are assessed throughout the term by tests, quizzes, assignments, projects or other means of evaluation. In Career Development and Translation programs, end-of-term achievement tests measure learners’ overall performance in the course. The final grade in each course is based on learners’ performance on continual assessment measures as well as the end-of-term achievement test, if applicable. Final course grades are NOT based on attendance since, in accordance with SCE’s attendance policy (cf B9), learners must attend at least 75% of the class sessions in order to be allowed to take the final examination.

Grade** Points Percentage*
A 4.0 94 - 100
A- 3.7 90 – 93
B+  3.3 87 - 89
B 3.0 84 - 86
B- 2.7  80 – 83 
C+ 2.3 77 - 79 
C 2.0 74 - 76
C- 1.7 70 – 73
D+ 1.3 66 - 69
D 1.0 60 – 65
F   0 - 59 Fail
I Incomplete
IF Incomplete Fail (Effective December 26, 2016)
P Pass
S Absent 
W Withdrew 
NG Not Graded


*In all scheduled programs, the desired level of performance/criteria representing success at achieving learning outcomes is D (60%) except the followings:

  • The passing letter grade of the Professional Certified Trainer (PCT) certificate is C- (70%).
  • The passing letter grade of Fundamentals of English Language Teaching (FELT) and FELT for Young Learners (FELT-YL) certificates is C- (70%).
  • In Career Development and Translation programs, learners, who score below 50% in the final assessment, do NOT pass the course even if their total score is 60% or higher out of 100 points. Those learners receive a final grade of 'F' (Fail).

If necessary, the passing grade of any other SCE certificate is dealt with on a case-by-case basis upon the approval of the Associate Dean for Instructional Affairs (ADIA).

All learners’ scores that do not fit a letter grade category are rounded up to the nearest integer if needed.

PPM: G7 July 2019