Frequency and Mechanism of Updating Learner Records

The learner’s record (transcript) (FormF2-1July2019) is an official cumulative record of the learner and institutional information. The learner record is computer-generated from the Management Information System (MIS), implemented as of 1988.

The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office ensures that learner records are updated in real time with any additions or dropping out of courses requested by learners (cf E2) or grade changes requested by the Instructional Affairs (IA) department (cf G6). End of term result posting and automatic generation of final grades are reflected on learners’ records within two (2) weeks of end of term results keying by SCE faculty on the web-based Self Service application (GradeBook) (cf F3).


The following information specific to the learner is printed on the front of the learner record:

·      Institution’s name

·      Date of issuance of the learner record

·      Learner name and ID number

·      Date of birth (for identification)

·      Learning program title

·      Title of the instructional department offering the learning program

·      List of officially registered course codes and titles per term

·      Status of learning program, i.e. whether the program was successfully completed or not

·      Number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), grade and points awarded per course

·      Learner Address as available on MIS


The following information specific to the institution is printed on the back of the learner record:

·      University name and School logo and name

·      University accreditation

·      The university and school address and contact information in Egypt and U.S.

·      Explanation of Instructional Calendar and CEU used

·      Grading system used for courses

Official learner record (transcript) bears the signature of SEM Executive Director and has the School of Continuing Education stamp. The records are kept permanently and a backup system is in place to protect the records against loss and damage

SEM Office maintains permanent hard copies as well as electronic records of each learner’s continuing education record for records created after 1988, including the CEU’s earned, which at any time can be accessed by the learner (cf C5 & F1) or printed for the learner (cf I1).

Printed copies of the official learner records are issued and reproduced only at the request of the learner. In addition to learner records (transcripts), certificates are issued to learners upon successful completion of approved learning programs (cf C6 & I1).    

PPM: F2 July 2019