End of Term Testing and Receiving, Verifying and Changing

Final exams are administered during the last week of classes. Departments specify the actual dates on which final examinations of all courses are to be administered. It is also the responsibility of the department to inform the faculty of these dates.

SCE is committed to maintaining the integrity and security of all its end-of-term achievement tests, particularly those prepared by ETAD.

All test materials are SCE property; consequently, they must not be copied under any circumstances.

It is the responsibility of the departments to deliver/receive learners’ test papers/answer sheets and any other test materials to/from their faculty members.

ETAD may provide support to departments, in all SCE locations, concerning submitting test papers and any other test materials as well as receiving learner answer sheets upon the department’s request.

It is the faculty’s responsibility to post learners’ end of term results on the Management Information System (MIS)/web-based Self Service application (cf F3), so the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) office can issue enrollment letters and attendance reports to learners.

All grade change requests (Form G6-1March16) from faculty must have the approval of the relevant Department Director before being reflected on MIS by SEM Office. There are no exceptions.

All learners can access their end of term grades from the AUC/SCE website (cf C5).

All SCE learners have the right to review and/or question their final course grades in any program.

For learners who are registering in the following term, requests are submitted to their departments within one (1) working day after results are posted. This is to allow the verification process to be completed before the add/change course schedule period of the following term.

For learners who register for later terms, requests are submitted no later than three (3) working days after results are posted.

Departments must handle learner requests within three (3) working days of receipt of the form. Learners have the right to appeal any department decision to the Associate Dean for Instructional Affairs (ADIA).


PPM: G6 July 2019