Course Exemption

Course exemptions are allowed in some cases such as where learners already possess demonstrable knowledge of material and skills taught in a particular SCE course. The maximum number of courses allowed for exemption is one course per certificate.  

Learners must submit their requests for course exemption by examination or without examination to the appropriate assistant department director.  

For course exemption by examination, approval of learner requests for exemption by examination is subject to one or more of the following conditions: 

  1. The course is not being offered during the term in question, and circumstances prevent the learner from continuing his/her studies.
  2. The learner has taken a similar course taught in English at another reputable educational institution. 
  3. Circumstances prevent the learner from taking a course, e.g., parents transferred overseas, or learner is transferred outside Cairo by the employer.
  4. The learner has practical experience in the content of the course, particularly for courses teaching specific skills.
  5. Other exceptions as approved by the department director.

Learners must produce official written documentation to justify their requests.  

Once final approval is obtained, learners have to sit for a final course examination in the course subject area(s) within ONE month of the date of the department director's signature.  All course examinations are conducted through the appropriate department. The Evaluation, Testing and Assessment Department provides test space, test material, technical support and test administrators. The exam fee should be paid in advance. There are no learner orientation sessions with any SCE faculty member prior to the examination.  

Course exemption by examination is exercised only one time per course.  In the event that a learner, attempting an exemption by examination, fails the exam, she or he is not permitted a subsequent attempt for that same course.


PPM: G3 August 2016