Completion of Learning Programs

At the end of each term of study, learners are notified about their end of term results through automated emails and whether they have successfully passed the courses and earned any CEU’s or if they have not passed and did not complete certificate requirements by logging into the web-based Self Service application (cf C5) or by communicating with the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office by email to (cf C1).

Learners, who have successfully completed a Stand-Alone Course certificate or the certificate requirements of all other SCE types of certificates or diplomas, are entitled to a free copy of their certificates. Certificates and transcripts shall be requested from the SEM office in Downtown or New Cairo. Only learners of Achievement, Foundation, and Career Certificates and Diplomas are entitled to a free copy of their transcripts along with certificates/diplomas.

In Customized/Tailor made programs, certificates are delivered to learners by their respective departments based on clearance from the Finance Office.

SEM Office maintains permanent hard copies as well as electronic records of each learner’s continuing education record, for records created after 1988, including the CEU’s earned (cf F2), which at any time can be accessed by the learner (cf C5 and F1) or printed for the learner (cf I1). 


PPM: C6 January 2022