Communication and Dissemination of Information

In collaboration with SCE Instructional Affairs (IA) departments, part of the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office mission is to provide initial guidance to interested constituents to learn about SCE offerings.

It is the right of every learner to be informed and provided with accurate information about the requirements of successful completion of any approved learning course/program including admission and language requirements as well as the number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) pertaining to each course prior to participating in any course/program. 

All information relevant to the learner’s completion of requirements is communicated by SEM Office through several channels for information: flyers, Certificate Requirement Sheets (CRS) (FormH4-2), call center, pull-ups, and publications as well as verbally to walk-in prospective learners. 

The information provided to inquirers and visitors, in the different publication types and online, include certificate/course description, course fee, admission requirements, number of CEUs for each course, prerequisite(s), technology requirements, key learning outcomes (available on the website), term/class schedule and contact information (address, telephone number, fax number and website address) for more details.

Adequate stocks of printed materials for the Information Center are kept and reprinted on request by the Contact Center Manager.  Requests for further technical information are channeled to IA department administrators and advisors.

The followings are additional official online channels used to communicate and disseminate information: 

  • SCE Website: Featuring current information on all SCE offerings, CRS of all programs and courses, school accreditation, refund policy, course fees and upcoming events. All SCE approved programs are listed by SEM as well as the instructional calendar, online services for course schedule, course catalog, learner handbook (cf C4), web-based Self Service application for learners and SCE faculty (cf C5), emergency news, and other vital learner information linked to the University website.  The website is updated regularly about program offerings and events under the supervision of the Marketing Manager.


  • SCE Email: In coordination with The University Academic Computing Technologies unit (UACT), SEM creates AUC/SCE email accounts for new teaching faculty and applicants registered in scheduled programs at the time of admission.  AUC/SCE email accounts for new faculty teaching customized / tailor-made programs and new applicants registered in customized / tailor-made programs can be requested from the SEM office as an exception. All communication from SCE is communicated via the SCE email and not on the personal email. The SCE learner e-mail service is discontinued and accounts are canceled, in coordination with UACT, in case learners are no longer active at SCE or don’t register in SCE programs for more than 6 months; approvals for exceptions are handled by the SEM IT System Support & Certification Manager. The SCE faculty e-mail service is discontinued and accounts are canceled, in coordination with UACT, for faculty members’ no longer teaching at SCE, as reported periodically by respective IA departments to SEM Scheduling and Student Services Associate Director.


  • School Email Accounts: Learners are always encouraged to communicate with SEM Office through the School email for additional information on course fees, enrollment deadlines, instructional calendar and program requirements, or for online services, login troubleshooting, completion of program requirements, and certification requests. Learners’ emails are promptly replied within two (2) working days, except during peak enrollment and end of term periods.  with the required information such as admission requirements, status of certificate and whether the learner has successfully completed or not the requirements for the certificate they are seeking in comparison with the CRS they are studying.


  • Call Center: Learners can communicate with SEM office through the advertised and announced School short number. Trained call agents assist callers with all the information needed.


  • Marketing Activities: Through its consolidated yearly communication plan (cf A5) and promotional activities prepared after the new instructional calendar and updated regularly, SEM shares with prospective applicants and learners’ information on the School offerings and upcoming events. Information is shared with learners through email blasts, social media channels and educational fairs. Instructional departments are responsible as well for sharing with SEM, on a regular basis, all updates regarding departmental offerings to ensure that prospective applicants receive up to date information.


  • Orientation Sessions: SEM Office prompts to prospective applicants online or face to face group orientation sessions scheduled before the beginning of the term by SEM and administered by IA departments.


PPM: C1 Nov, 2019