Career Guidance and Counseling

The School of Continuing Education (SCE) believes that career guidance is an integral part of any educational process. It assists learners of any age and at any point throughout their lives in assessing their career possibilities, identifying training related skills, setting their personal/professional goals and achieving their career objectives. To serve this purpose, SCE has established the Career Guidance Unit (CGU) within the Career Development Department. 

CGU assumes an advisory role to its clients. Its mission is to empower learners with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their career and life aspirations through a range of well-designed events, programs and services. In addition, CGU provides career information services necessary for planning, achieving and maintaining employment. This includes information on occupations, skills, career pathways, trends in the labor market and training programs available to meet these goals. CGU services may take place on an individual or group basis, and maybe face to face or online.

PPM: C3 July 2019