Admission and Re-admission Procedures

This procedure describes the admission and re-admission processes for (A) scheduled programs and (B) customized/tailor-made programs and special exams starting from how applicants obtain information about SCE offerings, fill out the application form and pay the admission/placement test(s) fees, and ending to how they take the test(s) and obtain the test results. 


A. Scheduled Programs

  • Up to date information on the desired field of study offerings may be obtained either from the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Office Information Desk for walk-in applicants, an e-mail addressed to, Facebook (through SEM web page) or from incoming calls to SCE short number.
  • Upon selecting the course/program to study and after receiving a learner service number, an Application Form (FormC7-1February17) card is filled and submitted at the Front Desk.
  • The applicant is assigned a unique identification number (SID). The SID number and applicant’s bio-data are entered on the Management Information System (MIS) and the required admission/placement test(s) (cf G1) are recorded on MIS.
  • An SCE email account is created for new applicants at time of admission.
  • The address,, is visited to key in the credentials in the “XED Email Login” box and the instructions in Guidelines for Learners for AUC/SCE Email Accounts form (FormC7-3July15) are followed.
  • The admission/placement test(s) fees are paid at SCE Cashier or online.
  • A Placement Examination Card (FormC7-2July15) is issued to the applicant following payment of the admission/placement test(s) fees. This card includes the uniquely assigned learner's identification number, dates, times and locations of the admission tests, general and test instructions.
  • The instructions on the test card must be read carefully.
  • During the admission test, applicants are notified of the date when the admission entrance exam score will be uploaded and emailed automatically to applicants on SCE email or available at SEM Office.
  • Registration, onsite or online, may take place immediately following the announcement of results provided that no additional exams are required and that the admission/placement test score results meet the entrance requirements (cf E1).
  • Learners wishing to be re-admitted to SCE should proceed to SEM office front desk or register online to schedule the date(s) of admission/placement test(s), if required (cf G1).
  • For onsite registration, the previously assigned SCE learner ID number is submitted to SEM Front Desk Assistants to continue with the regular steps of the admission procedures and to avoid generating duplicate learners’ records on MIS.


B. Customized/Tailor-Made Programs and Special Exams

  • If the customized/tailor-made course does not require a placement test, all completed admission application cards are forwarded to SEM Customized Programs Assistant Manager with the online Course Notification form (FormD8-2December17) for registration in the course (cf E1).
  • If an admission/placement test is required prior to the customized/tailor-made course or special testing services are to be provided to third parties, arrangements are made with the ETAD Specialist.
  • Application Form (FormC7-1February17) cards are provided to the ETAD Senior Testing Specialist to be distributed during exams held at off-campus locations for applicants to fill out their bio data.
  • After the exams, all completed Application Form cards are forwarded to the Admission & Registration Manager at DT with ETAD IDs and the proper Course Reference Number (CRN) attached to the Special Test Request Form (FormG1-2March16).
  • SID numbers generated from MIS are assigned to the applications and the learners’ bio-data is keyed in MIS. Exam fees are automatically calculated on MIS.
  • The placement test results of each testing session are electronically uploaded on MIS.
  • An electronic copy of the placement test results is sent to the Finance Bookkeeper.
  • The respective party is billed for the entrance exams according to the contract terms.
  • ETAD Senior Testing Specialist is informed once payment is settled.
  • The results are announced to the respective party.


PPM = C7 Nov, 2019